Storage WarehouseGuardian Storage has been in operation since the beginning of 2006 having started with a single 20ft container. The company has grown and currently offers twenty 20ft outside units and seven 40ft containers stored inside a dedicated 6000sqft building.

Customers and Typical Uses

Companies such as Autoglass use our containers to store business suppliers on a short term basis, allowing them to reduce their operational costs in the Boston, Spalding and Sleaford area.

We have also have a number of private customers who use containers to store household goods while moving home, after downsizing or while abroad.

Lastly, companies use our indoor steel containers to archive financial and legal documents. Companies are required to keep certain documents for a number of years. Guardian Storage offer a secure, fireproof storage solution for documents.

The Compound

The compound is surrounded by high security fences and is monitored via CCTV. The are is lit at night using PIR (Passive Infra-Red) lights.

Each steel container is locked which the customer has a key for.

Secure Fireproof Storage

The use of steel shipping containers makes the containment of goods safe and simple to access for all, offering a very high level of security with a greatly reduced risk of fire being able to spread throughout the building or outside compound.


Guardian Store is located in Boston, Lincolnshire, UK. For our address, contact detials or to see us on a map visit the Contact Us page.