Documentation Safely Locked Away Inside Your Own STEEL CONTAINER


Fire Resistant Containers

Warehouses that store documents using the Dexican racking system (without separate fire resistant containers) are a "ticking time bomb" according to one such warehouse manager, who went on to say "it would only take 30 minutes for a fire to engulf the whole of this warehouse".

Guardian Storage offers you the protection of your own steel container, vastly reducing the risk of fire spreading through the building plus offering you the most cost effective way of storing.

Easy Access to your Documents

You can deliver, sort and collect your documents at your own pace, and you can store anything (not just boxes of paper) to help keep your office tidy and clutter free.


Large Storage Capacity at an Affordable Rate

A standard 40ft container can hold 800 banker's boxes (415 x 345 x 270) on two full length shelves 700mm wide stacked four high below and above the shelf. The average storage company charges 50p per box per month, therefore 800 boxes would cost you £4,800.00 + vat per year to store, whilst the one 40ft container would only cost you £3,380.00 + vat SAVING £1,420.00 +vat per year.

One of our customers uses six containers and saves £8520.00 per year.

Container Features

Each container has internal lights, electric socket and shelves provided. They are inside a inside a secure and alarmed building with smoke detectors in operation and the building is inside a security fenced compound with CCTV cameras in operation.

Store Computer Backups away from the Office

Our fire-resistant containers are an ideal location to store off-site backups of your Server or Office Workstations.

Store tape backups, hard drive backups or CD and DVD copies of your valuable data away from the office. In the event of fire, flooding or theft at the office your data will remain safe inside your secured steel container.


Guardian Storage can store both large and small quantities of documentation suiting all sizes of companies.

BoxesThe Internal shelving can be divided into 10 sections and hold 80 bankers boxes per section. Each section of free standing boxes would cost £7.00 + VAT per week and if you required this section to have it's own secure doors the cost would be £10.00 + VAT per week.

DeliveredWe would be pleased to discuss any requirement you might have for smaller amounts.

Free collection of your existing documents.

When you take a years contract we will collect your boxes only charging £60.00 for each trip, our labour is FREE.