Home Storage

Moving home can be a difficult time and very stressful. Guardian storage can help. We can store your home contents safely whilst you re-locate, making the move less stressful.

We have indoor and outdoor containers available, all containers are secure inside our secure compound which is surrounded by a high security fence, PIR detection lights and CCTV recording cameras. Access can be gained Monday to Saturday 12 noon and arrangements can be made by telephone if access is needed at other times. A simple one month's minimum contract is required along with one month's deposit and the first month's rental, followed by monthly direct debits.

We can also help you move, we have a box trailer available for delivery to your site, allowing you time to load and then later delivering your items safely to the front of your container. Just £60.00 hires the trailer for the first trip and £40.00 thereafter on the same day with a £11.75 fuel charge.

Private Storage

Many modern homes have little storage space. Guardian Storage containers allow you to keep your items available when you need them, treating the container as an extension of your home.
But Look !!
We have people storing cars, books and bowls, chairs beds and televisions, pianos, plates and rakes, so what ever you need to store, store it with us.

Starting at just £12.00 per week (inc. VAT) for one of our 'Personal Storage Space Special'and £29.37 per week (inc. VAT) to use one of our 20ft containers. We also offer 10% discount for full period payments up front and 10% commission when you introduce anyone to Guardian Storage.

Contact us today, Yvonne on 01205 353124